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Exchange Server 2016 home lab architecture

Exchange 2016 architecture (

  • Exchange has to be installed withen the internal domain network with Active Directory (AD).
  • We need 3 servers totally:
    • Server1: Domain controller, install AD DC, and DNS roles
    • Server2: Exchange server; To install exchange server, Server2 needs to join the domain first.
    • Server3: This server is gonna be in Perimeter network (DMA zone), meaning dont join it into the domain.
  • Server1: The DNS server setup.
    • The Forwarders setup to the ISP's dns so that any queries the local DNS can not resolve will be forward to the ISP's DNS servers
    • Setup Server1,2,3 with static internal IPs and the DNS pointing to Server1's IP addr as the local DNS server is installed on Server1.
  • Server2 - Exchange
    • Join the domain then install Exchange server
  • Server3 - the server in DMA
    • Make sure this sure does not join the domain. Install Edge Transport server here

Setup Edge Transport Server:

  1. In the Server1's DNS server, add Server3 and it's ip address so that Server2 and Server3 can see each other.
  2. On Server3 (Edge Transport),
    • Open "Exchange Management Shell"
    • Run command to create xml
      • New-EdgeSubscription -filename c:\edgeSubscription.xml
    • Select Y then copy the xml file to Server2
  3. On Server2 Exchange server,
    • Open
    • Run command to import xml
      • New-EdgeSubscription -FileData ([byte[]]$(Get-Content -Path "C:\edgeSubscription.xml" -Encoding Byte -ReadCount 0)) -Site "Default-First-Site-Name"

      • If not sure what is the site name, run "disite.msc" to found out.

    • Run command to confirm import successful, it should show "SyncStatus: Normal"

      • Test-EdgeSynchronization

    • If the SyncStatus is not Normal, or can not ping Server2, it could be the firewall blocked the inquery. Turn off the firewall.


Setup the router:

Go to Port Forwarding setup:

  1. Ms Remote desktop: TCP port 3389  to Server1 Domain controller port 3389
  2. Smtp-edge: TCP port 25   to Server3 port 25




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